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Create Your Own Backyard Oasis With Our Outdoor indoor Pool Enclosure


Benefits of polycarbonate DIY pool enclosure

While a pool is an excellent addition to any home in North America, even in our beautiful climate, there are days, weeks, and sometimes months when the weather isn’t suitable for a relaxing dip. During these periods, pool maintenance can seem like a chore with little reward for the effort and money you put in.

Installing a pool enclosure is a great way to reduce your pool maintenance efforts and costs. It will also close out the weather elements and opening up the pool to you all year round – rain, hail, or shine.

We could go on forever about the benefits of having a pool enclosure installed around your backyard swimming pool, but we’ve tried to focus on the main points.


A Pool Enclosure keeps the elements out of your pool area while still letting the sunshine in, making even winter days an excellent time for a dip. You can choose between our retractable Polycarbonate . Base your choice on whether you want to keep everything out or enjoy a breeze on a warm day. you can also choose a retractable screen to have the option of an outdoor pool again. 


A Pool Enclosure keeps out all the leaves, dirt, and debris that messes up your pool and clogs the filters, reducing your cleaning time significantly. With your pool enclosed, you’ll also save on heating costs for heated pools and minimize evaporation and the expensive chemical loss that goes with it. In short, a Pool Enclosure will save you time and money.


The Polycarbonate offers better insulation than glass and even includes UV protection that screens up to 99% of harmful ultraviolet rays. Enjoy bathing in the warmth of the Canadian sun while you’re protected from harmful UV rays.


Imagine year-round swimming without having to spray insect repellent all over your exposed skin whenever you leave the house. With our pool enclosure, you can enjoy the fresh air and cool breeze without being exposed to insects, bugs, and all other pets that can ruin your day. also intruder animals like 


Your Pool Enclosure can be fitted with locks, making sure the pool area is childproof and meets your local Pool Fencing Safety Standards. All of our enclosure materials are safe with polycarbonate impact-resistant, and our Pool frame is made of high-grade aluminum that will not sag or push out. 

Get an IGLUDOME Ready to build Pool Enclosure

You’ll have a year-round ticket to pool fun in the sun no matter what the season, weather, bugs, and wildlife are up to.

CALL US TODAY to talk about a custom enclosure for your home or fill in the contact form, and a member of our team will contact you shortly.

Pool Enclosure dome

Available In Three Size:

Size11.5ft(350cm) Diameter 350cm——-Height 270 cm at center. 9(sqm); 100 Square feet

Size7ft(450cm) Diameter 450cm—— Height 320cm at center. 16(sqm); 172 Square feet

Size7ft(530cm) Diameter 530cm——-Height 285cm at center. 22(sqm); 236 Square Feet

Arc Style Telescopic Pool Enclosure


MODEL A: 21 ft L 12 ft W 4 ft H

MODEL B: 28 ft L 16 ft W 5 ft H

MODEL C: 35 ft L 20 ft W 6 ft H

Midium profile telescopic pool enclosure


width: 6 feet

length: from 10 to 50 feet 

Height: 3 feet

high profile telescopic pool enclosure


width: 6 feet

length: from 10 to 60 feet 

Height: 6 feet


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Our pool cover is constructed by Aluminum frame and Polycarbonate panel Frame material is 34mm*50mm 6063 T5 aluminium as below picture showed

Panel s 3mm thick clear solid polycarbonate sheet as below picture showed,

Solid Polycarbonate sheet get below typical advantages:

1. polycarbonate is high impact resistance.The solid polycarbonate sheet combines superior impact resistance and clarity, it is virtually unbreakable, 30 times impact resistance of tempered glass, about 300 times of common glass.

2. Anti-UV: We add anti-UV coatings on the surface of sheets, and it can protect your skin from skin cancer. It is also anti-aging, we provide a 15-year warranty, i enclosed the warranty , you can have a look.

3. Solid polycarbonate sheets are good insulators, so no heat is loss from swimming pool cover. Your swimming pool will remain warm at all times, it doesn’t matter whether it is at night or during cold winter. It will also save amount of money spent on heating swimming pool.

For frame, we follow RAL color card. Our standard frame color is natural silver RAL9006. We also have other aluminium colors available like green(RAL6005), White(RAL9016), Black (RAL9005), Coal gray ( RAL7016) . For substandard colors we need upcharge 20% as it need customization.

For Polycarbonate panel our standard color is clear and we also get light gray and dark gray for option which need upcharge 5%.

Our accessories and connectors are made by stainless steel SUS 316 which is high rust proof and get higher anti-corrosion performance than SUS304 accessories.

I also attached our design calculations about snow and wind pressure tests, you can have a look.

Snow pressure test report shows that based on snow pressure 1KN-㎡ (Equivalent to 34cm snow), our pool cover’s max displacement is only 2.59mm, the deformation rate is only 0.00183.

Wind pressure test report shows that based on wind pressure 1KN-㎡ (Equivalent to 120-140km/h), our pool cover’s max displacement is only 28.6mm, frame max stress is about 132.2Mpa and PC panel stress is about 8.4Mpa.

The cover would be packed in wooden case as below:

We provide a 10 year warranty on Panel and equipment accessories, and 15 year warranty on aluminium. If necessary, we can provide guarantee letter for your record.

Yes, from the video, you can know it clearly. There will be handle on each section making it easy to slide each section well.

About this model E, the weight of each section is around 140kg, net weight for a set model E is about 600 – 700kg, it is no problem to slide easy by one person. (We also did many big pool enclosure some of them 11m*18m or 10m*20m, like these big sizes, it will need two persons to slide )

Yes, we can supply 2 M extension rails, then you cover can slide to the other side of the pool, just need to have upcharge of USD 200

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