our transparent Poly dome allows you to enjoy the outside’s beauty with the comfort of the Home.

Ready-to-build, robust structure that can be left up all year round. Protect you from rain, wind, snow, annoying insects, and all harmful UV rays, all while being surrounded by the beautiful outdoors.

Why Transparent Polycarbonate dome?

A transparent Geodesic dome is an innovative frameless dome with multiple usages. It is built and engineered to withstand every climate condition.
Poly Dome is a perfect choice for hospitality Businesses like Hotels, restaurants, Airbnb, and campsite also personal use as an outdoor dining, pool or hot tub enclosure, or as a  hobby greenhouse.

Polycarbonate dome Features:

The poly dome is made of top-quality UV-coated transparent polycarbonate solid sheet(US brand), a sturdy and long-lasting material; its impact resistance is 200 times more than standard glass diffuses 92 percent of harmful UV rays.

Poly Dome can withstand harshest climate conditions, stand to wind up to 120 miles per hour, snow load up to 65 lb/sq ft, temperature – 50 to +120 degree.

Poly Dome is fully customizable; we can make any size to meet your need, and you can make it unique by adding accessories.

Polycarbonate Dome Features.

Fire Resistant; fire grade UL94, V2

Burning stop within 60 seconds, few flaming drip, self distinguish.

Sound Proof: STC is 27 DB for the material.

Polycarbonate Dome Benefits:

Easy-Assembly; dome assembly takes about 6 hours for two people. All required tools and manuals come with your dome.

You can use it all year round, strong enough to be used permanently, yet easy enough to move or take down quickly for temporary use.

A Poly dome is waterproof and windproof. It protects you from unpleasant weather conditions; rain, hill, chill, and UV exposure and enables you to enjoy the outdoors all year long.

Bubble dome protects you from intruder animals and annoying insects and bugs.

Base and flooring, Solar ventilation fan, and the Solar led lamp are add-on options.

We use engineered-grade aluminum, which is rustproof and weatherproof.

Polycarbonate Dome Usage:

 Airbnb business( as a glamping dome)
You can start your own ABNB business with a Low-cost, low-maintenance, and high ROI luxury dome.
Restaurant and Pop-up Cafe.
The poly dome is a Stunning private space and excellent marketing tool that enables you to keep your restaurant open year-round.
Hot tub enclosure
It is a unique and Beautiful enclosure that enables you to use your outdoor hot tub or jacuzzi all year round.
Our Bobble dome is made of UV coated polycarbonate that Protects you from harmful UV Rays and acts as a barrier against wind and rain.
Garden Pod
Polydome Enables you to gather around with your family and friends and enjoy outdoor beauty with indoor comfort.
-Glamping and Campsite
 As a luxury outdoor glass room, fully customizable, A 5-star Glamping tent.

Hobby Greenhouse  Polydome is perfect as a hobby Greenhouse. You can Keep your loved plants safe during the cold season and enjoy gardening year-round.

The event or Trade show.
A unique and portable outdoor booth that makes your business the center of attention!.

The hemispheric shape of dome promotes more efficient air circulation and keeps the temperature MORE even through the structure.
The dome shape is very efficient at shedding elements such as wind and snow due to its aerodynamic shape and unique design(fewer flat surfaces, better load distribution).

 TRANSPARENT dome takes the full advantage of  360-degree natural sunlight while protecting you from 99% of harmful UV light.

Overall Dimensions:

Size11.3ft(345cm)Diameter Height 225cm from center Base Area: 100sqft(9,2sqm) Capacity:6-8 people
Size15ft(450cm)Diameter Height 275 cm from center. Base Area:168Sqft(15.6sqm) Capacity:8-10 people
Size20ft(600cm)Diameter Height 300cm from center. Base Area: 315 Sqft(30sqm) Capacity:10-12 people
Size26ft(800cm) Diameter Height 400cm from center. Base Area:530sqft(50sqm) Capacity:14-18 people

What is in the package:

-Aluminum door frame kit.
-Aluminium belt frame.
-polycarbonate panels.
-Stainless Steel Screw and Acron cap nuts and washer.
-Rollable Clear PVC zip Door.
-Windows(adjustable opening panel).
-Curtain track;
– Assembly toolkit;
-Installation manual and warranty card.

Optional Accessories:

-Tempered glass door.
-Curtain: Blackout curtain in 5 colour
-Solar ventilation Fan
-Electrical humidifier
-Led Strip light
-Base and Flooring
-Solar Ceiling Fan.
-Solar LED Lamp
-Ventilation System.
-Custom Sun Shade Sail.
-Hotel Coded Lock.
-Led Strip Light.


Three years limited warranty.
Life Span: At least 20 years.

Order and Delivery:

We made the dome by order; it takes two weeks to make and dispatch.
Free Shipping to Canada and Us.
Please contact us for inquiries about worldwide shipping and delivery


luxury dome that provide an unforgettable dinning experience for you and your friends.

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