educational dome

learning outside the classroom!

We provide an inspiring outdoor learning space for every climate. 

why educational domes are the best choice for an outdoor classroom?

Educational domes enable your students to learn in a wonderful, safe, exciting, and educational space that encourages children to experience outdoor learning while achieving new developmental skills. 

Your students are outside yet inside and protected from the rain, wind, snow, insects, etc.

Educational domes are a great facility. They help keep the pupils more active, while sparking creativity in students.

Using a clear dome can help to increase participation and engagement with the classroom environment.

Practical activity outside the classroom is one of the most effective ways to extend and develop child innovation.


Why OUR educational domes

Our educational domes are made out of transparent polycarbonate sheets. This material is durable and long-lasting.

We use UV-coated sheets to protect your students from 94% of all harmful UV rays while taking advantage of the sunlight.

Our educational domes are easy to assemble, taking only about 6 hours for two people to set up.

You can use our educational domes all year round, making one of the most reliable outdoor classroom environments.

Our domes are portable, meaning they can be used year-round or set up temporarily. They are also easy to move or takedown.

We provide fully customizable domes base on your school’s needs. You can add our additional accessories to have the most comfortable dome for your students.

Educational domes will withstand the harshest conditions. They can resist wind up to 120 mph, snow load up to 65 lb/sqft, and temperatures up from -50 to 120 degrees celsius.

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