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Why geodesic dome ?

The geodesic dome is spherical known as the strongest geometric shape to men, it distribute external force more evenly through the entire structure. Dome encloses the largest space with the least amount of material(33% less than the same size rectangular structure), saving building material, more efficient and economic.

How do Igludome withstand against heavy wind or hurricane?

Igludome performed simulations of the heat transfer and aerodynamics; The results show that as the dome has 28% less surface area per volume enclosed than any other shape, the heat loss would be 28 percent less, It means saving energy and money. The dome’s spherical shape with no moveless corners results in highly efficient natural air circulation, maintaining even temperatures more quickly than other forms. Simulation proves that the geodesic dome’s aerodynamic shape offers perfect protection against winds by minimizing the pressure force acting on the building surface. It also makes that cold air flows around the dome instead of forcing its way into the interior.

Can I use Igludome all year long?

Yes, Igludome can be used all year long in almost any climate condition. Most of our customers set up their domes as a permanent structure and never take them down. Our domes are made from high-quality materials, which are rust-free, weather-resistant, and UV protected, and they are not prone to extreme weather conditions.

Do the dome stay warm in winter?

Yes, the dome is a shelter that protects you from wind, chill, and other elements, and also, you can use a heater to keep it throughout the cold season.

Is the dome weatherproof?
Yes , it can withstand under heavy snow load up to 110lbs and winds up to 120km per hour.
What is Igludome made from?

Our frameless domes are made of high-quality solid polycarbonate; we use UV protection coated sheet that protects you and your furniture from harmful UV lights.

Are the domes waterproof?

Yes, The plates are installed based on the Fish skin pattern like roof shingles; it doesn’t allow water to become inside the dome. However, there are small gaps between pieces that help the airflow and ventilation.

Can I customize my dome?
Yes, you can explore our site to choose what options or accessories are right for you, or consult directly with one of our specialists to find the best options.

how dose the solar fan works?
where the glass door is required?
what is the benefits of smart options?

The smart options help you to control and monitor the growing environment continuously to optimize quality and productivity.
A smart greenhouse through IOT embedded system not only monitors intelligently but also controls the climate. Therefore Eliminating any need for human intervention.
Our platform receives environmental parameters from different sensors(soil moisture sensors, light sensors, temperature, and humidity sensors). Then send the data to the cloud server, and the end-user can monitor and control the system through an application that we provide for them.

how many additional windows do i need?
is it possible to link or merge domes together?

Yes, you can link multiple domes via the doorways and connect them with a short polycarbonate and aluminium tunnel, this is useful when you want to join domes with different applications.

Can I add extra doors?

Yes, we can provide additional doors for the domes,  

Do i need planning permission for dome?
Can i assemble the dome myself?

Yes, you can assemble the dome yourself, we provide a detailed assembly instructions and a video for you. only basic hand tools, a drrill to screw the bolts and secure the base, and a ladder is required.

what are the payment terms?

we request 40% payment upfront at the time the order is placed. this secure your place in our production schedule.  we built all domes to order so do not keep domes in stock. the final 60% payment is due when production is complete and we are ready to ship out your dome.

what are your lead times?

for our dome kits the lead time is up to ten days for delivery. for the bigger and customized size it will take longer.

how is Igludomes package?
how is igludomes package  and delivery?


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