Hexa Dome

Optimize your outdoor space!

Transparent Hexa dome is a perfect choice that enables you to keep your restaurant’s patio open all-year-round.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Built to withstand in harshest climate conditions (wind up to 120mph and snow load up to 65psi)
  • The transparent  Hexa dome is made with the highest quality clear polycarbonate sheets, so it lasts for years, and you can hold it all year round.
  • The transparent  Hexa dome is a great marketing tool and makes a remarkable dining experience in your guest’s mind.
  • Transparent Hexa Dome can be assembled and taken down in one day.
  • The transparent Hexa dome is an excellent photogenic location with a panoramic view.
  • Clear Polycarbonate allows 360-degrees of natural light, diffuses 99 percent of harmful UV lights, and gives visitors the impression of being outside with all benefits of being inside.
  • The transparent Hexa dome is a long-lasting waterproof and windproof dining space, and you can use it as a permanent dining space.
  • Transparent Hexa dome Extend your patio season; thus, it can enhance your business’s growth potential.
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